Cost Plus World Market

Vinegar – Balsamic

Although every supermarket carries balsamic vinegar, my favorite is Kirkland brand (Costco).

Turmeric – fresh and dried

Turmeric is an amazing root with a huge amount of research detailing the plethora of health benefits. It can be purchased fresh in the produce aisle (look next to the ginger root), or dried in powder form. The fresh root can be frozen.

Paprika – Smoked – dry spice

Smoked paprika should not be confused with “regular” paprika (bell peppers dried and ground), as the flavors are completely different. Be sure to have smoked paprika on hand, as it is a wonderful addition to many soups, marinades and several recipes in The Foodie Bar...

Nutmeg – whole or ground spice

Nutmeg can be purchased whole and grated with a microplane, or purchased ground. The outside of nutmeg can be ground and is sold as mace.

Curry Powder – dry spice

This is my VERY FAVORITE curry seasoning/powder. Since all curry powders are a blend of several herbs and spice, each taste a little different. This one has a bit of a sweet flavor, while other brands taste bitter to me. If you don’t have a Cost Plus World Market near you, try a variety of curry powders until you find one that you really...

Cumin – ground dry spice

Cumin seeds can be purchased whole (and toasted in a dry pan before grinding for maximum flavor) or ground. If you are not fond of cumin, try ground coriander.

Cloves – ground dry spice

Cloves are an amazingly potent antioxidant able to protect our cells, even when only a pinch is added to a dish!

Cayenne pepper – dry spice

Cayenne pepper certainly packs a punch, so a little bit goes a very long way. Better to add it cautiously, little by little – tasting for heat as you go.

Cardamom – ground

Cardamom seeds, that give Chai blends their characteristic flavor, are grown in little pods as sold whole or ground. The very best price that I have ever seen is at Cost Plus World Market (3x less expensive than the supermarket!

Ancho Chili Powder – dry spice

I buy Ancho Chili Powder in the grocery store (small bags/packets) or at Cost Plus World Market. Depending on the batch, it can bring a bit of heat.

Allspice – dry spice

Allspice is featured in my Chai Spice Blend (in The Foodie Bar Way and on my website and I usually buy it at Cost Plus World Market (best price), but can also be found at the local supermarket and even in bulk at a...

Onion – dried chopped

Dried onion last for months and can easily be added to dressings and soups, especially great for travel…

Chipotle Chili Powder

This Chipotle Chili Powder from Cost Plus World Market is very smoky and spicy – a little goes a very long way! I use it several recipes, including a special one: Austin’s Smoky Spice...

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are one of the most nutrient dense sources of calcium! They can be purchased in bulk bins, bagged or in bottles. I keep them in my freezer and use them in a variety of recipes as well as in place of tahini (sesame seed “butter” – expensive). Black sesame seeds are fun to use and typically a bit lower in fat content than white sesame...

Chia seeds

Chia seeds provide protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, are flavorless and have the ability to thicken when stirred/blended with a liquid (in a dressing/sauce, to make a chia “egg”, or in a smoothie). I use them in many recipes They are sold in bulk and bagged and come in black and white varieties (no difference in nutrition – just color). They are very shelf-stable and don’t need to be refrigerated or frozen. They can be used whole or ground, unlike flax, which must be ground (and kept cool) to protect the omega-3 fatty acids and provide an opportunity for your body to access...

Sea vegetables – Seaweed – nori snacks and dulse

Seaweed snacks made from nori are showing up at many stores, from the local supermarket to Costco. Sea vegetables, including “seaweed” are very nutrient rich, especially when it comes to minerals like iodine. Dulse is another type of sea veggie that can be found powdered. Unopened packages should be put into air-tight zip-top bags so they retain their crispy texture. Both impart a “flavor of the sea” to...

Aminos (Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and Coconut Aminos)

Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and Coconut Aminos are flavorful sauces that are fun to experiments with. Coconut Aminos has a slightly sweet flavor, but 0 g of sugar, is made from coconut sap and contains ~113 mg of sodium per teaspoon. Bragg’s Liquid Aminos contains 320 mg of sodium per teaspoon. Coconut Aminos can be expensive, with the best price I’ve found...

Soy Sauce or Tamari

I buy “regular” soy sauce or tamari, instead of low-sodium and simply dilute it with water (this is cheaper way to go). Both soy sauce and tamari are made from fermented soy beans, with soy sauce incorporating wheat and tamari made with very little to no wheat (check the label if you have eliminated...

Curry Paste, Red Thai

This is a very taste paste without any scary ingredients! A little goes a long way in a soup or other savory dish. Refrigerate once opened.

Pasta – You have options!

My Pasta Foodie Bar includes many different noodle options – some of which are pictured below: Whole Grain (durum wheat), Edamame & Mung Bean, Edamame, Quinoa & Corn. Also look for noodles made from black beans, chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and lentil. The ingredient list may surprise you… (some only have 1...


My daughter and I love all different types of mustard! There is wonderful research that even just a pinch of mustard powder added to greens can boost the health promoting power! Be sure that you purchase a mustard without any food dyes. Trader Joe’s has quite a selection of very reasonably priced mustards. Once open, keep in the...

Marjoram – dried herb

Marjoram is a dried herb related to Oregano (but with a milder flavor). I typically buy it at Cost Plus World Market, but can also be found at a local supermarket.

Italian Seasoning – store-bought

Costco started selling larger containers of organic Italian seasoning. Although I typically make my own (recipe in The Foodie Bar Way and on my website, this is nice to have on...

Oregano – dried herb

I buy organic oregano at Trader Joe’s or Cost Plus World Market and sprinkle it on my salads, into dressings and in a bunch of other recipes!

Basil – dried herb

I typically purchase dried basil at either Trader Joe’s or Cost Plus World Market, very reasonably priced, though it is also available at local supermarkets, as well.


Ginger root can be purchased fresh in the produce aisle and kept in the freezer, or powdered in the spice/baking aisle.