These sweet potatoes are delicious and commonly labeled as “yams” – though true yams are very large roots, can weigh over a hundred of pounds, are white in color, and commonly grown in Africa, Asia or the Caribbean.  If you plan to roast them whole, but have had these orange colored flesh sweet potatoes and thought they were a bit stringy, try the light colored flesh varieties – as their texture is ultra creamy. Enjoy an easy recipe for Baked Sweet Potato Fries from The Foodie Bar Way or my website ( Experiment with steaming them for a few minutes (just slightly tender – not fully cooked), before seasoning them and putting them into the oven to get crispy. Keep them in a cool, dark cabinet away from onions until you are ready to use them, checking them daily to make sure they don’t soften and begin to mold.


Orange-flesh, purple and light-flesh sweet potatoes