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Wonderful Book! (5 out of 5 stars)

Timaree’s book has been a lifesaver for me. I love the fact that there are tips for extending the life of your produce, which has been very helpful to me. Secondly, her oatmeal recipes provide a great way for me to provide a quick, on the go meal for my child on the way to school. This is so much better than feeding sugary cereals and sugar loaded breakfast bars. Finally, part of my problem as a cook has always been finding the right seasonings to make vegetable dishes more interesting and therefore more enjoyable. This book provides you with numerous options for seasonings and toppings that all work well and cater to all tastes. So, it is easy to find what works for all members of the family. Thank you, Timaree, for helping me to finally enjoy cooking!

-Mary C

Very flexible, tasty approach to healthy plant-based meals (5 out of 5 stars)

I eat 100% plant-based, avoid processed oils and sugar AND I’m a ‘foodie’ who likes my food to taste GREAT. I’ve been cooking similarly to this book’s approach for a bunch of years: flexible, versatile, great for pleasing everyone at the table and it makes meals fun. Timaree has a lot of talent as a chef and in nutrition which is rare to find. For anyone wanting to go more plant-based and stay healthy, this is an EXCELLENT reference!

Such a great book! The recipes are amazing (5 out of 5 stars)

Such a great book! The recipes are amazing, and the Foodie Bar Way has really encouraged my family to eat more healthy foods. Kids have a tendency to be picky eaters, and with today’s amount of processed foods it is sometimes difficult to get the kids to eat a wide variety of healthy, colorful vegetables. Getting the kids involved in the food making process is a key to having them make healthy food choices. The Foodie Bar recipes in this book enable the kids to create their own meals by choosing from a tasty selection of healthy ingredients. Giving the kids options both empowers and involves them in deciding what healthy foods to eat. The kids look forward to creating and eating meals the Foodie Bar Way! I highly recommend this book.

-Daddie O

Family Friendly and Delightful (5 out of 5 stars)

Wonderful recipes and inspiring photos make this vegan cookbook a must-have for anyone wanting to cook well for the people they love. A portion of my extended family (15 of us) enjoyed a pasta bar night. The garlic mushrooms, and pesto were a couple of the favs, but just being able to all pick what they did or did not want to eat was super popular. Then my daughter-in-law took my cookbook home with her to “borrow”! Time for a few more for holiday gifts I guess!!


Wonderful Book! (5 out of 5 stars)

What a great idea! I have done a Foodie Salad Bar and everybody loved it. The book has wonderful large color pictures. Easy to understand and easy to follow recipes. When you do a Foodie Bar meal everyone is happy and can make choices based on their own preferences. I just love it!

-Amazon Reviewer

However as time went on I was getting bored with the same old food… (5 out of 5 stars)

This book saved my life. I had high cholesterol, over weight, and prostate problems! I have been on a plant base life style for a few years, however as time went on I was getting bored with the same old food. I purchased Timaree’s book back in January, 2016 and I was happy and renewed with her book. She has excellent variety, lots of recipes and great pictures!! It’s actually fun to try all the different food choices contained in her book, The Foodie Bar way!! THANK YOU TIMAREE for writing this wonderful book, The Foodie Way!!

-Anthony Spadaro

Highly recommended! (5 out of 5 stars)

An excellent book!  I actually already bought 3 copies of the book. One is for myself, and the other two are gifts for my friends!  It is not only a book but also a great lifestyle change! After this book, you will know more about what is the right food to eat, and your body can really tell you how great the book is!  Highly recommended!


Our favorite of all our books….. (5 out of 5 stars)

This book is very well organized. The recipes are easy and so delicious! I especially like the smoothies, I drink one every morning and feel nourished until afternoon. My wife and I love this book.

-Brandon Smith

innovative and revolutionary cookbook (5 out of 5 stars)

This book will not only give you a new take on how to serve food at your next social event, but it will also help you learn how to cook healthy, delicious meals for you or your family. Unlike other cookbooks, this one gives you flexibility. For a party, you’re guests won’t be limited to certain dishes but instead they will be able to create their own take on a dish, likewise the concept can be used for creating your own dishes at home. depending on what you are making, the author gives you several different options of ingredients that pair well with whatever you are making, and the best thing about it is: she also gives you a space to write out the combinations you liked or disliked. Timaree also gives you tips on keeping your ingredients fresh and how to cut up veggies, which I truly appreciate as most of us weren’t born with the skills or knowledge to be a good cook. I also really like the fact that all the recipes are oil free as that can really be damaging to one’s figure and health. There’s no other cook book out there like this one, the author seemed to have put a lot of effort and thought into this book and it truly shows.


Inspiring, creative, buy it! (5 out of 5 stars)

Creative, inspiring, everyone should add this book to their collection. Timaree is wonderful, willing to answer any questions, and she has the credentials to back it up! This book is a must buy!

-Amazon Customer

I also really appreciate the *Shop Smart, Prep Smart Tips (5 out of 5 stars)

This book is the real deal. When they say that eating healthy does not have to be over-complicated or too time intensive, this book offers the ability to do just that – eat healthy without breaking the bank or investing all your free time doing so. I also really appreciate the *Shop Smart, Prep Smart, Cook Smart Tips sections that explain everything from buying and storing produce or how to cut and peel ginger to get the most antioxidants which live just below the skin. So great. At first I did not think I would use the pages that encourage me to write down variations to recipes. But I found myself jotting down how I turned her quesadilla recipe into a salad with whole wheat pasta. Although I’m not vegan, this is a great book to own so that I can easily incorporate as many meatless plant-based meals as I can into my life. Great ideas and nutritional guidance. Great recipes. Great cookbook!

For many recipes Timaree suggests ways to change it up — like Oatmeal on the Fly — if you don’t feel … (5 out of 5 stars)

Timaree’s cookbook is always on my counter as I use it weekly. It’s packed with recipes that are not only healthy but delicious! For many recipes Timaree suggests ways to change it up — like Oatmeal on the Fly — if you don’t feel like apples and cinnamon today, then try pumpkin, cranberries, and Pumpkin Pie Spice! Along with the recipes are suggestions to help maximize the health benefits of your meal. Love, love, love this cookbook!

-Amazon Customer

An excellent resource if you are just starting out with a plant based lifestyle! (5 out of 5 stars)

This book has super tasty and easy recipes for a beginner to the world of plant based eating. I’m not much of a cook and as a fan of the book Eat to Live I had a lot of trouble making food that actually tasted good. Timaree’s recipes are the missing piece I needed. The food is very flavorful and indulgent and also very easy. I end up picking a “Bar” and making a big batch on Sunday, and then throughout the week I add different toppings to spice things up just as the book encourages. So far everything has been super yummy. I’m cooking for just myself but I can imagine this system working well for families. The dessert recipes would especially satisfy kids. When I do feed my boyfriend or roommates, who are not plant based, they seem to really enjoy the food. The go to recipes section has been my favorite part, just simple stuff you should have on hand for the creation of a bunch of different meals throughout the week. Easy, tasty, and super healthy! Never would I have thought it would be so enjoyable to start on this journey! My skin has totally cleared up, I’m losing weight every week and I feel great!

A Wonderful Addition to My Cookbook Library! (5 out of 5 stars)

I love having a cookbook that helps make a whole food plant based diet an adventure. “The Foodie Bar Way” has many delightful recipes and menu suggestions for truly healthy foodie bar meals, and it also encourages tailoring a meal to your family’s personal tastes and preferences. Involving my family in the creation of our perfect foodie bar meal makes the kitchen an energetic and fun place to be!


“AMAZING FOOD THAT LOVES YOU BACK!” (5 out of 5 stars)

I bought this book off her website and let me start by saying, AMAZING!! Out of this world- DELICIOUSNESS!! Not only that the food recipes are very tasty but the book itself is very organized with lots of colorful pictures and I love the “shop smart, prep smart, cook smart tips” on the bottom of each recipes. In the beginning of the book, the author listed all fruits and vegetables alphabetically and provided specific guidance as to “how to make your food, especially produce LAST LONGER! Also, I like how the author invites the reader to write the responses and adjust the recipes to your own liking.

There are tons of recipes to choose from -breakfast bars, meal bars, sauce & dressing bars, snack bars, beverage bars, dessert bars, plus more and more recipes. The Foodie Bar Way really makes you want to cook together with family or friends because there are a lot of options, one meal, and everyone smiles. Some of the family favorites including “BBQ Tempeh, Un-Fried Rice, Curry Zuna, and more.. The kids love to prepare the “Timaree’s Curry Zuna” recipe when friends come over. It is so YUMMY! Here’s the link to a video of Timaree on Good Day Sacramento TV….

I would highly recommend this book to you and your family and it makes cooking healthy meals in your kitchen very enjoyable. Have Fun in the kitchen!


Amazing Cookbook! (5 out of 5 stars)

This cookbook is AMAZING!! From the simple yet detailed instructions designed for non-cooks, to the beautiful pictures of the finished products, Timaree has brought her passion for cooking and healthy eating to life on the page. Having such a variety of choices for each recipe and so many categories to chose from makes the vegan lifestyle a viable option, even for long-term skeptics like myself. As a non-cook, the resources that she includes, such as the ingredient index and the cooking tips, are invaluable. It has given me the confidence to try new foods and to have fun in the kitchen instead of dreading the question of ‘what’s for dinner?’ Thank you, thank you, thank you, Timaree!!!

-Amazon Customer

Revolutionary, Practical System Makes Everyone Happy (5 out of 5 stars)

The Foodie Bar way is a revolutionary new concept which has nothing to do with making granola bars. It is a powerful system which enables the reader to integrate the best of nutritional science into their diet in a way that is practical and easy to implement. This is a cookbook based on a philosophy of eating a whole foods, plant based diet. The best part is that the system is designed for busy families who want to make a meal which has something for everyone so that everyone is happy. There are many good cookbooks on the market, but this is the only cookbook I have seen which takes the best of nutritional science and combines it with practical wisdom of how to best use that knowledge. The best cooked, nutritious meal is of little use if no one likes the food or wants to eat it. The cookbook features many great themes covering everything from meals to snacks, smoothies, and desserts. The illustrations are stunning and the book is very colorful and appealing. There is a nice variety of foods and healthy versions of foods like baked chips. This book is not a good place for soup recipes or Indian cuisine which I have found in other cookbooks. Also, I have found better resources for smoothie recipes and types of superfoods to add. My favorite recipes have been Mom’s Apple Berry Nachos, Mia’s Garlic Trees (broccoli with roasted garlic), and the burrito bowl bar. Overall, this is a great book for those who believe in eating a whole foods, plant based diet and want an easy, practical way to implement this vision.

-S.V. Patel

Amazing cookbook! (5 out of 5 stars)

This cookbook is amazing! There are countless recipes and foodie bars packed into this cookbook. What I love most is that there is a picture for every single one, so you can take a look at the deliciousness before you get to make it yourself. The recipes and foodie bars are super easy to follow and super healthy as well! The concept of “The Foodie Bar Way” is essentially creating one dish for a number of people, but what’s awesome is that they get to customize it all themselves. For instance, you can start off with a pizza bar, and lay out a plethora of toppings, spices, etc. These toppings and spices are what makes the bar. Everyone gets to get their hands in and customize their pizza to their liking. Sticking with The Foodie Bar Way, you don’t have to worry about picky eaters because everyone gets to put their own twist on this one dish, and the best part is, it’s healthy for you!

-Amazon Customer

Why I LOVE this book! (5 out of 5 stars)

How do I love this cookbook? Let me count the ways!

First, I am very particular that all food that I eat is both delicious and healthy! And unfortunately, that can be hard to come by in a cookbook. But Timaree Hagenburger, the author, is both a plant-based Registered Dietitian with high nutritional standards AND she is a “Foodie.” She loves food and is committed to having it taste great without compromising good nutrition. She also loves to cook, and shares many tips to make food prep easy and healthful.

Her recipes are based upon whole, unprocessed plants that are easily purchased at any decent supermarket, and she uses no added oil, which is a huge plus. When using other vegan cookbooks, I often need to modify recipes to make them more healthful, but that’s not necessary in The Foodie Bar Way.

But this is much more than a cookbook. The Foodie Bar Way is a system — an approach to preparing and serving food — that makes it work for you as the cook, and your family or friends, who may have different taste preferences. It’s not about making granola bars — it includes things like a salad bar, a potato bar, breakfast bars and dessert bars — where everyone gets to choose which ingredients to include in their own meal. The is perfect for families with kids who are still learning to enjoy new tastes.

This system also encourages people to cook together, which adds to the fun. Instead of one person making everything, different people can provide or prepare different parts of the bar.

I couldn’t end this review without mentioning the amazing color photos! I always want to see what the finished product is going to look like before making a recipe, and with the Foodie Bar Way, I get to enjoy the feast with my eyes before ever starting to cook!

Timaree is not only a great cook and an RD, she is also a master teacher. She is a nutrition professor who inspires her students to “love the foods that love you back” — and in her book, she inspires us to do the same. She provides all the information we need to get started — from the simplest, most basic bars to her “raising the bar” options. It’s obvious that this book is a true labor of love.

As someone who not only appreciates great food and optimal nutrition, I can’t recommend this book any more highly!

-Delisa Renideo

Love, love (5 out of 5 stars)

Love, love, love this cookbook! The layout & pictures are amazing but that’s not even the best part! The recipes are simple with ingredients I am familiar with (I cannot count the number of vegetarian or vegan cookbooks I have where I’ve never heard of some of the ingredients) and they are delicious. You will not be disappointed with these easy & tasty menu’s you can make everyday!

-K. Scheffer

I can make each “bar” as easy or as complex as I want (with her “raising … (5 out of 5 stars)

Timaree takes the hassle out of cooking! I can cater each “bar” to my preference and with what I have on hand. I can make each “bar” as easy or as complex as I want (with her “raising the bar”). I envision this to be the perfect tool to use with friends for a “Foodie Bar cook-together.” What I appreciate about this cookbook is that there are no obscure ingredients. This book is perfect–even for novices in the kitchen–who want to start cooking and eating better/healthier. And the photos are beautiful and they are great in showing what the end product can look like. Regardless if you are a vegan, plant-base eater or not, this book will make you want to eat your vegetables! As a registered dietitian and a food enthusiast, I highly recommend this book!


Yummy! (5 out of 5 stars)

The Foodie Bar Way provides so many new recipes and concepts, combination of flavors, and my most favorite aspect are the pictures of each recipe and tips included for how to shop, prepare, store, and cook foods. I also love the different options given for each recipe to “raise the bar” and incorporate/change up the flavors. I definitely recommend buying this cookbook and have also bought extras to give to my friends/family as gifts.

-Amazon Customer

I love that this book gives you basic recipes and then… (5 out of 5 stars)

Enticing food photography, innovative menu ideas, solid nutrition advice and cooking basics – everything to get you in the kitchen and cooking! I love that this book gives you basic recipes and then inspires you to make it your own. Add more spice, throw in your favorite vegetables, change up the sauce – a 100 different variations on a theme. The author shares her extensive knowledge and experience in a light and lively voice – encouraging families to come together “around the table to share one meal, with lots of options, so that everyone’s happy.”

-Edward Young

Wonderful–buy your copy now! (5 out of 5 stars)

This book is great! I wish I could have Timaree Hagenburger cook for me everyday, but her new book, “The Foodie Bar Way,” makes it possible for her to be right there in the kitchen with me, encouraging me and motivating me to be a healthier person. It is loaded with lots of easy, yummy recipes that you can customize to fit your family’s diverse food needs. I am a super picky eater and each bar gives me the flexibility to design my own combinations and I’m encouraged to experiment with each “Raise the Bar” section–I can go from a simple bar to a more complex version of a bar. Some of my favorites are the Kale Pizza Bar and Potato Bar–comfort food that nourishes the body and allows me to experiment and try new combinations. My absolute favorite is the Mediterranean Fajita Bar! I always add in the zucchini and carrots, suggested from the “Raising the Bar” section. I’m encouraged to experiment and there is even a section with room for notes (so I’m not writing in the margins, like in most recipe books!). A great thing about her book is the Shop Smart, Cook Smart, Prep Smart tips–simple, smart tips for shopping and prepping. This book is amazing and I’m so happy something like this is available and affordable!

-KJM Winter

The recipes are easy to follow and taste so good (5 out of 5 stars)

I own many cookbooks but find myself using this one the most. The recipes are easy to follow and taste so good, even an average cook will shine and win compliments from the family. I especially like that many of the recipes are easily doubled or tripled and freeze well for later use. Additionally this book is so well thought out. It lies flat for easy recipe reading, has lovely pictures and even has space for me to write notes for future reference. Plus, the foodie bar concept allows for everyone in my family to get their meal to their liking! I highly recommend this recipe book, it is like no other. In fact, buy several, they are great gifts too!


Great idea! (5 out of 5 stars)

This book has lots of great ideas for easily eating healthy. And the best part is the recipes are all so tasty!

-Amazon CustomerG

This book will revolutionize the way you feed your family (5 out of 5 stars)

I took Timaree Hagenburger’s Nutrition 300 class at Cosumnes River College in the fall of 2015. When I found out she wrote a cookbook I felt compelled to give it a glance. To my delight Timaree is just as amazing of a writer as she is an educator.

The Foodie Bar Way isn’t about making snack bars, yet it is a revolutionary way of preparing a family meal in which the family can pick and choose what they want to eat during that meal. Think salad bar or Marie Callender’s Sunday brunch buffet bar.

If you are interested in making healthy and delicious foods that your family will love, I highly recommend this book!


I love cooking and healthy food (5 out of 5 stars)

I love cooking and healthy food. Got Timaree Hagenburger’s book for my birthday and I use it every day! It is very well organized, has lots of options and the beautiful pictures make you hungry just from looking at them. I can tell that the author put a lot of passion and love into her book. Highly recommended!