This cookbook is amazing! There are countless recipes and foodie bars packed into this cookbook. What I love most is that there is a picture for every single one, so you can take a look at the deliciousness before you get to make it yourself. The recipes and foodie bars are super easy to follow and super healthy as well! The concept of “The Foodie Bar Way” is essentially creating one dish for a number of people, but what’s awesome is that they get to customize it all themselves. For instance, you can start off with a pizza bar, and lay out a plethora of toppings, spices, etc. These toppings and spices are what makes the bar. Everyone gets to get their hands in and customize their pizza to their liking. Sticking with The Foodie Bar Way, you don’t have to worry about picky eaters because everyone gets to put their own twist on this one dish, and the best part is, it’s healthy for you!

-Amazon Customer