This book has super tasty and easy recipes for a beginner to the world of plant based eating. I’m not much of a cook and as a fan of the book Eat to Live I had a lot of trouble making food that actually tasted good. Timaree’s recipes are the missing piece I needed. The food is very flavorful and indulgent and also very easy. I end up picking a “Bar” and making a big batch on Sunday, and then throughout the week I add different toppings to spice things up just as the book encourages. So far everything has been super yummy. I’m cooking for just myself but I can imagine this system working well for families. The dessert recipes would especially satisfy kids. When I do feed my boyfriend or roommates, who are not plant based, they seem to really enjoy the food. The go to recipes section has been my favorite part, just simple stuff you should have on hand for the creation of a bunch of different meals throughout the week. Easy, tasty, and super healthy! Never would I have thought it would be so enjoyable to start on this journey! My skin has totally cleared up, I’m losing weight every week and I feel great!