This book will not only give you a new take on how to serve food at your next social event, but it will also help you learn how to cook healthy, delicious meals for you or your family. Unlike other cookbooks, this one gives you flexibility. For a party, you’re guests won’t be limited to certain dishes but instead they will be able to create their own take on a dish, likewise the concept can be used for creating your own dishes at home. depending on what you are making, the author gives you several different options of ingredients that pair well with whatever you are making, and the best thing about it is: she also gives you a space to write out the combinations you liked or disliked. Timaree also gives you tips on keeping your ingredients fresh and how to cut up veggies, which I truly appreciate as most of us weren’t born with the skills or knowledge to be a good cook. I also really like the fact that all the recipes are oil free as that can really be damaging to one’s figure and health. There’s no other cook book out there like this one, the author seemed to have put a lot of effort and thought into this book and it truly shows.