The Foodie Bar way is a revolutionary new concept which has nothing to do with making granola bars. It is a powerful system which enables the reader to integrate the best of nutritional science into their diet in a way that is practical and easy to implement. This is a cookbook based on a philosophy of eating a whole foods, plant based diet. The best part is that the system is designed for busy families who want to make a meal which has something for everyone so that everyone is happy. There are many good cookbooks on the market, but this is the only cookbook I have seen which takes the best of nutritional science and combines it with practical wisdom of how to best use that knowledge. The best cooked, nutritious meal is of little use if no one likes the food or wants to eat it. The cookbook features many great themes covering everything from meals to snacks, smoothies, and desserts. The illustrations are stunning and the book is very colorful and appealing. There is a nice variety of foods and healthy versions of foods like baked chips. This book is not a good place for soup recipes or Indian cuisine which I have found in other cookbooks. Also, I have found better resources for smoothie recipes and types of superfoods to add. My favorite recipes have been Mom’s Apple Berry Nachos, Mia’s Garlic Trees (broccoli with roasted garlic), and the burrito bowl bar. Overall, this is a great book for those who believe in eating a whole foods, plant based diet and want an easy, practical way to implement this vision.

-S.V. Patel