I bought this book off her website and let me start by saying, AMAZING!! Out of this world- DELICIOUSNESS!! Not only that the food recipes are very tasty but the book itself is very organized with lots of colorful pictures and I love the “shop smart, prep smart, cook smart tips” on the bottom of each recipes. In the beginning of the book, the author listed all fruits and vegetables alphabetically and provided specific guidance as to “how to make your food, especially produce LAST LONGER! Also, I like how the author invites the reader to write the responses and adjust the recipes to your own liking.

There are tons of recipes to choose from -breakfast bars, meal bars, sauce & dressing bars, snack bars, beverage bars, dessert bars, plus more and more recipes. The Foodie Bar Way really makes you want to cook together with family or friends because there are a lot of options, one meal, and everyone smiles. Some of the family favorites including “BBQ Tempeh, Un-Fried Rice, Curry Zuna, and more.. The kids love to prepare the “Timaree’s Curry Zuna” recipe when friends come over. It is so YUMMY! Here’s the link to a video of Timaree on Good Day Sacramento TV….

I would highly recommend this book to you and your family and it makes cooking healthy meals in your kitchen very enjoyable. Have Fun in the kitchen!